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Jan 17, 2002 5:14 PM
I just got a rumor that Mantiou has a new freeride specific single crown fork with 6" of travel and a new super tough 1.5 inch steerer tube to make it rock hard. This will be awesome. Any one hear else. Go to to see rumor.
this will be awesome if they ever get a decent damping systemJm
Jan 17, 2002 5:26 PM
and progressiveness without plastic bumpers.
Richard's head, once again, sneaks up his butthole...Nobody
Jan 17, 2002 5:36 PM
And I quote:

"Jutting from the top of the 1.5-inch steerer tube is a clamp-on stem, the likes of which, no mountain biker has ever seen."

So, he's never seen the Klein Adroit, the Cannondale Headshock, or the Merlin 'ditto' headshock.

Guess he's less informed than most of us.

Go figure.

Yeah, they're bigger, but he states 'the LIKES of which' which is where the cranium slips up the sphincter.

Ah, magazines - where the biggest opinion, right or wrong, is the best opinion.
Jan 17, 2002 6:04 PM
If you did see several othe rcompanies were in on it. If marzocchi gets together they could form an awesome 6" travel Z.1. Would that kick ass or what. Mantiou has bad bighit forks but marzocchi could master the world with that fork. It will be a matter of time when technology will catch up with demand! I cant wait damnit
Why? 5" SC forks flex too much alreadyBulldog
Jan 17, 2002 7:22 PM
...and it ain't because of the steerer. Long, skinny stantions and limited bushing overlap create wet noodles for forks. I won't run a single crown fork past 4", even with 20mm axles and thicker stantions/steerers. Yes, I have a DJ1 set at 4". I like it alot I'd never set it at 5" for any reason though, too sketchy for my liking.
of course its because of the steerer!zedro
Jan 18, 2002 7:40 AM
wheres your head at?

The JrT is basically a DC z1 (or z3 whatever). Of course there will be a stiffness limit with SC forks, but increasing the steerer dia. is really the only way to stiffen the SC, as that is currently the weakest link. Dont forget, you cant get the same thing from just thickening the steerer, the junction between the crown and the crown itself is the real problem.
Jan 18, 2002 6:51 PM
I guess I didn't mean to make it sound like the steerer has nothing to do with a flexy fork. My bad. I do however disagree that the steerer is the weakest link. What I am saying is that dropping a SC fork from 5" to 4" or especially 3" makes a HUGE increase in fork stiffness. The steerer tube stays the same, so that isn't the biggest problem. Flex/overlap between the slider/stantion is the main thing that changes in this example. Sure, you also benefit from less leverage at the steerer, but the increased overlap at the stantion/slider junction is key. Why is the Supernova arguably one of the stiffest SC forks out there?...the extended lowers allow for more overlap at the slider/stantion junction. Its steerer is the same size as everyone elses. That's my take. Yes, everything plays a part, but the overlap is crucial.
Should be interesting...Inclag
Jan 17, 2002 5:57 PM
IMHO I don't think that the 1.5" steerer will become the new standard. I've heard nothing of rock shox adapting to this "standard" and have heard that marzocchi will not pursue the steerer tube. I just don't understand why anyone needs a 6" singlecrown to start with. I'm not going to explain why because most people should know already.

Anyway, I think Manitou should focus more on making forks that are burlier. Rock Shox has figured this out with the Psylo line, and Marzocchi has been making forks like that from the beginning, but nope, Manitou has and probably will always be focused on weight first. Why don't they try making crowns and steerer tubes that don't snap to start out with.

Sure, ovalization is becoming more of a problem these days with riders going bigger, but there's an easy fix. Use a deep cup headset or a beefy chromoly one. IMO a new standard for headsets should be set.

1.5 inch steerer will come and go as fast as 1.25 inch.BigHitFSR
Jan 17, 2002 9:20 PM
No one went for 1.25 inch steerers why should 1.5 inch be adopted as a standard. If you use a headlock your headset doesn't come loose and I've never twisted my stem on the steerer before. When there are no strength issues with 1.125 inch steerers then why would I want a 1.5 inch.

As others have mentioned the best 5 inch single crowns are too flexy why would you want to make a 6 inch single crown.

I think the R&D money would be better spent on free ride 4,5,6 inch (on the trail adjustable) double crowned forks. Like a boxxer jnr thats not to long for a hardtail with a travel adjustment (4" for hardcode XC, 5" for free ride, 6" inch for DH). How about a marz monster jnr for all you marz lovin hucksters (that way you can put your favorite fork on your hardtail too).

These double crown free ride forks could also be made inverted allowing designs to utilise the space inside the crowns for bushing overlap.

PS: Whats have you got against TPC+. I've had abit of time on a carbon and its a very smooth fork. Its not as strong as other DH forks but its lighter. I know three riders using carbons for more than a while no failures so far. I cant understand why manitou gets bagged all the time. The Xvert was cheaper than the psylo and in my opinion a much better fork. If a supernova is anything like the carbon it kills the 5 inch Z1's, but then it should its more expensive.
I have managed 2 bike shops and I can tell you this.....B-B-BigRichDL
Jan 18, 2002 7:48 AM
Answer/Manitou is piss poor when it comes to warranty issues. Long hold times, bad attitude, dumb questions like "did you store your bike upside down?" ...Um yeah thats why we have 20 people with blown SX single crowns!! plastic crappy parts...I have never seen a company other than Answer send replacement parts for forks that are noticeably crappier than the crappy parts that broke.

When my shop went out of business and got eaten by Performance, we had soooo many broken manitou forks to throw out it was amazing. I mean like 50 old sx's, xverts and spyders... a few rs jetts, a judy or two and NO Marzocchis!!! and we sold all of those, BTW.

I have had bad experiences with them from back in my xc days(sx, xvert) until last season when I had to warranty that bazooka that was on my tomac. same deal all the time....stuff feels pretty good and is about as reliable as a crack whore.

rant over.

peace --- rich
Add a few Major Bizness Uckfays...strictly for laughs..Nobody
Jan 18, 2002 7:21 PM
LDI, which owns both Answer and Manitou (and for the record, they're two different entities and always were - never mind what the stickers were saying - Answer was BMX and Clothing, Manitou was the shock stuff) spent a little over 1/2 million USD ($500,000+) on the rear shock designs, then scrapped the project because they discovered it would be unprofitable - that's .5mil off the bottom line, not the top, just so you know.

Manitou has lost money, not made money, for LDI for the past 4 years. If you look closely at the advertising, and the team race trucks, promotional materiel, etc, you won't see Answer and the Answer logo/clothing etc, directly represented. That's because LDI is trying to separate the two companies.

Why, you might ask?

Easier to sell or dump Manitou without damaging any further Answer product's reputation (which is still doing well in Motocross etc, thank you very much!)