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'02 Rock Shox SID SL vs. '01 Manitou Mars Super(10 posts)

'02 Rock Shox SID SL vs. '01 Manitou Mars SuperVual
Mar 23, 2002 9:39 AM
I've narrowed it down to these two forks, and wondered what you all think of them. What are the pros and cons of each. I am not a heavy rider (165 lbs), and I am upgrading from a '97 Indy SL, so I don't think I will be bothered by flex.

Also, how does the maintinance differ on these two forks? Is the Mars's microlube system going to be much better for maintinence?


re: '02 Rock Shox SID SL vs. '01 Manitou Mars SuperDave Willison
Mar 23, 2002 9:52 AM
If you buy a SID you better know how to work on your fork because it needs a good amount of upkeep. That said if you can take care of it it is a sweet fork plus it weighs about the same as the last sh#t I took. Only get either if you plan on racing (which I assume you do) because if not there are other slightly heavier forks that are better. Maybe a 2002 Marzocchi Marathon S less maintenance and if you buy it at you can get a chris king headset for free.
re: '02 Rock Shox SID SL vs. '01 Manitou Mars SuperVual
Mar 23, 2002 9:59 AM
I used to race, but I don't have enough time anymore... I still like to have a light bike though and don't want 5 inches of travel. :)

So what about the Manitou? Are they easier to maintain? I'm not a big fan of Marzocchi (and they would look like ass on my bike).

I can handle the maintinence (I used to be a bikeshop mechanic), but I don't want a fork that is going to piss me off having to get torn apart every other ride. About 2/3 or more of my miles come on pavement on this bike, so I'm hoping that will make maintinence easier.
re: '02 Rock Shox SID SL vs. '01 Manitou Mars SuperDave Willison
Mar 23, 2002 10:11 AM
the Marathon S comes in either 3 or 4 inch travel optioins and was designed for riders riding endurance races. You should check it out because it has gotten really good reviews. But it's your $ and you should buy what you want.
I highly dislike the Mars SuperRckyMtn
Mar 23, 2002 10:07 AM
The 2001 Mars Super that came on my 2001 sugar 2 blew or just pogo sticked after the 3rd ride. I weigh 200lbs a good bit more than you so take that into consideration. I believe the structure of the fork should be at question is by far the most flexy non line picking for I've ever ridden. I don't know anything about the SID both of these forks are light true.. I would opt for a Coil Sprung Marzocchi 2002 Atom Race in IMO. But if you want a lil lighter and using for racing like it sounds you do I'd Deffinatly look hard at the 2002 marathon a friend has one and it's super nice and a ton more plush than I ever expected from an air fork not so fun to set up it's really finicky though. But a great fork .......I'm a huge Marzocchi fan just my opinion sorry for not choosing one of the forks you had opted for. Only my opinion...


Did you ever consider having it warrantied?Fett
Mar 24, 2002 9:36 AM
I am always suspicious of a post where you say that the fork must have blown because it just pogo sticked after the thrid ride. Any blown fork will feel inprecise, but you sound as if you are not sure if it was blown or not. Did you have the fork checked out or look into getting it warrantied. I have had both Rock Shox and Manitou and the Mars feel much more precise than the SIDS. As far as the Marzocchis, they would probably be great if you did not have to pedal uphill, as often "plush" is another term for "sucks up all of your energy when you hop out of the saddle for an all out effort". Most of todays air forks are so adjustable, they can be set up just about as plush or stiff as you want them.
SID for memtbikerTi
Mar 23, 2002 4:03 PM
I have a 2002 SID SL and a 1999 SID XC. Neither requires more maintenance than any other fork I have owned. The XC went a year before I decided to take it apart and check things out, and when I did the oil was still clean! My only problem with the SL is that those XXX seals don't work as well as boots, so I put some boots on. Boots with XXX seals is an awesome combo.

re: '02 Rock Shox SID SL vs. '01 Manitou Mars SuperAlofta
Mar 23, 2002 4:16 PM
i currently ride on a manitou mars super and i think that it is the smoothest fork i have ever ridden on. The bushings are going to be alittle better then the SID's and its motion will be alittle smoother as well. the maintinence is going to be a little more of a hastle with the Sid because all you should have to do with the Mars is put some grease in the ports. the SID will have to be taken apart but the only people that i know that have had to take there SIDs apart to clean were when they rode off a dock into a lake. hopes this helps
Between those two forks, I would pick the Mars Super. Why...?AZ-X
Mar 23, 2002 6:59 PM
I weigh 145-150lbs and I went through several "Judy platform" forks before I realized that they are just too flexy. I finally traded in my SID XC (that was riddled with problems and flexy as a noodle) for a Manitou Mars-1 (basicly like the Mars Elite of 2001 crossed with a 2000 Manitou SX). It was the best fork decision I had made in years. It was MUCH stiffer than any model of the SID (and many tests have proven this to be correct) and the maintenance has been almost non-existent.

At your weight, I would look at a Mars Super with a heavy spring kit. The guy who weighed 200lbs and got a Mars on his Sugar was way too heavy for the stock spring. As far as flex goes, the Mars is nearly as stiff as a Marzocchi Marathon. The Marzocchis are not as stiff as people think they are unless you buy the tank-like Z1's or similar. Their race forks (Atom Race, X-Fly, Atom 80-100,etc.) are in the same catagory as everyone else's race forks. The Marathon is noticably torsionally stiffer, but weighs only 50g less than the stiffest of all the 80mm air forks, the Manitou Black Elite Air, and usually costs more). The Marathon is also deflected more easily than the Mars forks (which also has an effect on stearing precision--though not as much as side-to-side play).

Much will depend on the terrain you will most often ride. Try a bike with a Mars and with a SID SL. You should be able to find a bike equipped with either or both at an LBS near you. Even better if they have a bit of trail nearby or you can try someone's bike who has one or the other mounted... See for yourself.
re: '02 Rock Shox SID SL vs. '01 Manitou Mars Supermattb
Mar 24, 2002 6:26 AM
Eric, I have never owned either fork but have had a few opportunities to ride them on rental bikes. I weigh 155 and the SID was flexy. Since it wasn't mine it could have been improper set, but I don't think so. It also be that I came from a pretty stiff fork. I would just encourage you to ride one before shelling out the money.