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The new Motiv VORTEX(2 posts)

The new Motiv VORTEXRocketSlider
May 22, 2002 5:23 PM
Does anyone have any information about Motiv's new VORTEX bike. Motiv representatives say the this bike is comparable to the GROUNDPOUNDER and that the VORTEX will eventually replace the GROUNDPOUNDER. The VORTEX is now being sold at COSTCO for around $274.00..

If anyone has one, or has some riding information about the VORTEX, pls discuss it....


My first bike was a Groundpounderkristian
May 23, 2002 9:35 AM
If it fits you (something which can be awfully difficult to determine while weaving in and out of the isles at Costco), they are very good bikes for the money. Mine served me well through high school.

The problem is in the assembly. I had to search through 10 different bikes to find one that was put together correctly (I guess bike assembly is tougher than driving a fork lift). I saw everything from horrifically bad shifting to brake levers that you could put all the way to the bars without stopping the bike. That doesn't even get into things like overtightening important bolts (like the stem) and other potentially serious problems that aren't immediately obvious.

If you decide to get a Motiv, I would HIGHLY recommend buying it unassembled and taking it to your bike shop for them to build it (or just getting a bike from your bike shop to begin with--you get what you pay for).